LG 23-inch Widescreen IPS LED Touchscreen Monitor

LG Touchscreen Monitor

It has been nearly two months since the release of Windows 8.1, and a good time to look at a monitor designed to get the most out of the touchscreen capability of this operating system.

Basically this means turning your monitor into a larger version of your mobile device with ability to swipe you way through menus.

LG Touchscreen Monitor

The LG 23ET83V is a 23-inch widescreen monitor which debuted earlier this year at around £400, however it has now dropped on Amazon to just £225 including free delivery.

What do you get for this?.

Well, for starters the monitor is an IPS model, which means we get colour accuracy (16.7 million colours to be precise), plus a wide viewing angle (178º/178º). We get a decent 1980 x 1080 Full HD resolution. On top of this we have 2 inputs, HDMI and D-Sub. This is the biggest drawback mentioned in reviews. D-Sub is the old fashioned VGA connector. So you can use this for a multi-monitor display, but if you want to output two PCs onto the same monitor, one connector will have to be VGA. This will be fine for most people, but the absence of a displayport or DVI input is something to bear in mind when considering your purchase.

LG Touchscreen Monitor

The small size and lean profile makes the monitor great for smallish workspaces and wall mounting is also an option.

The response time of 5ms is prefectly acceptable, neither great nor lousy. And maybe that is a pretty good summary for the monitor. It really boils down to price. At the current price this is certainly a decent offer, and even if the price were to rise it would still be one of the better touchscreen offers. And so far as both IPS and touchscreen is concerned, there is still such a lack of choice that anyone looking for that combination should certainly take a close look at this monitor.

This video looks at a very similar model (the LG 23ET83V-W), which has an extra input. The video demonstrates the 10-point multitouch feature of the monitor.

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